Brands I Admire

This is a running list of brands that I personally admire and think are doing cool things!

What they’re doing right – I bought my first item from OV this summer while living in Austin, and I absolutely fell in love with their product, story, and community. Obviously in the huge world of leggings and athletic wear, you have to have a good product to survive; OV provides great fabrics and even better styles. Moreover they make their clothes for the average woman to sweat in, not just going on a 3 mile run, but also just stepping outside to walk your dog. They emphasize exercise is not about being no. 1, just having fun and showing up. Just #DoingThings. Ty Haney, 29 year old CEO, took a huge risk and moved the company HQ from NYC to Austin because she felt the city truly embodied the brand.  And finally, there’s the community. Whether you one one pair of leggings or an entire wardrobe of OV, you’re welcome to join the free summer yoga sessions in the park, you receive personalize emails, and your reviews and opinions are genuinely valued and taken into consideration.



What they’re doing right – Besides absolutely killin’ it in fashion ecommerce, Revolve also has such incredibly targeted ads that I, as a customer, feel like I have my own personal shopper via their ads.  While sometimes it can be frustrating to be constantly barraged by banners and pop-ups, its difficult to ignore them when they are so relevant that I feel like they have read my mind and it is exactly the products I want to see.



taylor swiftWhat they’re doing right – Ok so, yes, I am a T. Swift fan, but more than music I am a fan of the 360 marketing that the Taylor Swift brand has utilized. For the release of Swift’s sixth album, she partnered with Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program where fans were given ticket purchasing time slots based on their participation in the program. Participants could earn points through purchasing the album or merchandise, watching music videos, following and liking social media posts, and finding and tweeting the UPS trucks with the album cover printed on the side. This program provides incentives for interaction and incites fans to feel like insiders with exclusive offers. Game mechanics also create a sense of excitement and anticipation for the end goal: tickets to the show.



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