People are Going to Talk

This was my first photolithography print prompted out of a creative assignment to make 10 collages. Through the experience of cutting up magazines, I found myself often rolling my eyes reading what great lengths some writers had to go to find a story. People love gossip and love to talk so why not give them something to talk about?

(for when you are speechless)

My second photolitho project centered around deconstructing a traditional still life of a vase of flowers. I am someone who isn’t always a shinning star at sharing feelings, and flowers can be an excellent way of saying something without saying anything at all. I wanted this to have a scientific look with emotional details. It is 19″x15″, and the color was added with watercolor on top of the photolitho.

The Devil is in the Details

This is a 5″x7″ series of 4 scenes on mulberry paper, that later became part of a class book themed: In Visible. During a lot of my process I listen to podcasts as they tend to hold my attention longer than music, my favorite being My Favorite Murder. True Crime as a genre is gaining popularity and more people talk about it and many of the stories become glamourized. All these cases are mysteries being pulled together fiber by fiber until they can find the truth. I used Ted Bundy to illustrate my point of there are people who seem nice and normal, but have another side to them.

Bailey, Not Courtney. Courtney, Not Bailey.

Created as a grad present for my friend Bailey, who snuck into advanced printmaking with me. We both said that we had done it before and we just never got around to taking the intro, which in reality we each had only attempted printmaking in high school. We both are dramatic people and made the most out of knowing nothing throughout the class. This is a 11×17 on Bristol screen print.

Mothers Day

Old family photos screen printed into the likeness of Polaroid pictures gifted to my mother and aunt for Mother’s Day. I played with a monotype painting effect by splattering shades of each color on an open screen and pulled with solid blue, pink, and green. Screen print, 14″x14″ monotypes on Stonehenge paper.

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