Selected Paintings

Azaleas in the Sun

Azalea’s are a symbol of fragility and require not too much sun, which can burn their leaves, and not too much shade, which deprives them of oxygen. They grow with their brightest colors toward the light and bloom for only short periods of time. Oil on canvas 30″x40″.

Models on the Moon

The Models on the Moon was an assignment prompted by using Photoshop to create a reference image. Because of this prompt, I wanted to create something just a little absurd – this is when I was scrolling through Instagram and decided to put two sports illustrated models where no model has been before. This painting is 16″x20″ oil on wood panel.

Trinity River Flowers

The Trinity River runs through Fort Worth and my class took a few field days to go and sketch in the little nature that the city has to offer. From this experience, I admired the sky reflecting on the river that never never seems to sit still and inspired this piece. The river is running through the sky as the flowers fall among it; purple for TCU and pink for myself as to reflect my time in Fort Worth. It is oil on stretched canvas and is 30″x40″.

Hasan Minhaj: A Political Portrait

One of our first “warm up” assignments for the semester was a political portrait with the subject of our choosing. As I am not super involved in politics, but rather involved in comedy, I married the two for this portrait of Hasan Minhaj during his speech at the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner. It is done on an 8″x10″ wood panel in oil.


Cassady Finished

This is a portrait of my very ∼classy∼ roommate Cassady drinking champagne from a red solo cup at debutante ball in Saint Louis. It is oil on stretched canvas and is 24″ x 36″.  Cassady was created as a final project for my Beginning Painting course at TCU, and now she lives in my living room where she occasionally scares guests when they first walk into the room.

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