About Me

My name is Courtney Cheevers and I am originally from Chicago, but made my move to Fort Worth in 2015 to attend Texas Christian University! I graduated in May 2019 with a Bachelor Business Administration degree with a major in Marketing and a minor Studio Art. During this time I discovered a passion for digital marketing at my first internship at a small Fort Worth agency, Enilon. After this, I looked to expand my horizons in this discipline by completing a summer internship at IBM in Paid Media and a third at demand side platform ad tech agency Simpli.fi my senior year. Now, I am currently back in Chicago working at Ulta Beauty as a Digital Marketing Intern in Ecommerce!

In addition to my career pursuits, my hobbies include listening to true crime podcasts, drawing and painting, trying my best at Orange Theory, belting along to musicals in the shower, watching hockey, and consuming stand-up comedy at an alarming rate.

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