TikTok Portfolio

Some of my favorite experiences creating content and marketing on TikTok. It’s a crazy space to exist and always keeps you on your toes!

(Make sure to scroll to the end the TikToks make for a lengthy page)

Ulta Beauty

During my first year at Ulta in 2020, I was asked to help build the newest social media channel. I was one of the youngest people in the office and was in a marketing role. Excited for the new opportunity, I got to work filming! And as the story goes these days is…boom. Pandemic. and TikTok was all that more important as we were all stuck at home. There were crazy ups and downs from viral videos, copyright infringements, to TikTok potentially getting banned from the US. Our growing audience made it clear that we needed to grow our creator base, so the team and I sought out additional content creators to represent the beauty community. By the time I completed my time at Ulta and with the TikTok team we had grown the account to 102k followers! I have selected a few examples, but unfortunately a lot of my favorites have been removed now (whomp, whomp).

One of my first and favorite pandemic videos!

Actively looking for a reason to go full glam this week! 💅🏻✨😌 #nosleepclub #makeup #ultabeauty #tiktokmakeup #beauty #homeworkout

♬ original sound – Ulta Beauty
Created from the trending Lady Gaga audio ‘no sleep, bus, club, another club…’
From the phase the beauty community was OBSESSED with John Mulaney.

“I told my friends to recreate a ______”

I graduated from TCU in 2019 and moved home like most of my college friends. Unfortunately this meant being separated by thousands of miles, but fortunately nothing can get between us and a good joke – which is where this series started. It began with “I told my friends to recreate a album cover” (sadly has been removed now) and went on all the way down to iconic celebrity pictures. The videos went viral – we made a couple versions, had people recreating the video, and were even featured in US Weekly!

Taylor Swift, ACL tears, Summer Camp and Greek Life

My personal account is just for fun and whatever I feel like doing and saying that day. I have a few niches I’ve tapped into since it’s just my life experiences and interests. TikToks do best when they contribute to a niche category and mine just happen to fall into these three categories.

Before Bama Rushtok took over!

also when did your winning smile begin to look like a smirk? are you reading my diary? #fyp #happiness #evermore #taylorswift #swifty #folklorealbum

♬ original sound – Steve Burns’s Slut
The swifties are probably one of the largest and most active fandoms on TikTok.
Some ACL content that makes me feel better about having to relearn how to walk 🙂
Camp kids on TikTok never fail to make me laugh.

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